September 8, 2009

Fall Fair

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Rockhopper has arrived! The nonmember prize booth is at the forest.


There is also a member room at the forest.



Here are the member prizes.


Keep visiting!



Im Gonna Try to Come Back

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Hey everyone! I’ve been off from cp over the summer, but I’m gonna try to come back. Please help visitors come back to my site!


May 24, 2009

I’m Back

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Hey guys! I’m back to reular posting. I had to take the last month off because of schoolwork and my friends. I hope we can have a fresh new start!


May 5, 2009

Posting since no one else is :P

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Hi Guys!

       Stage sneak peak!!! Check it out!

Hello Penguins!
What do you get when you mix up some actors and a ghost… a detective and a hysterical singer? We hope you get a new Club Penguin play that you say is really cool! The newspaper will have an update for you on Thursday, but I managed to get this picture for you to ponder…

The new play will start this Friday, May 8 (the same day as the start of the Medieval Party)! Tell us about your favorite ways to be creative at the Stage!!

                 I personnaly have NO idea what this stage is!! Maybe its vikings….?

                        What do you think?


April 20, 2009

New post!!!!

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I can’t belive that Billybob posted two posts in a few short days!!! Well, here is the newest.

Hello Penguins!


Have you ever thought about taking the quizzes to become a tour guide or PSA (Penguin Secret Agent)? If your penguin is old enough, and you’re interested in helping out around the island, you might want to consider the challenge… It’s going to be announced in the newspaper later this week that starting May 1st, penguins will get paid every month for doing those jobs!


secretagent2.jpgI don’t want to give all the details away just yet (Aunt Arctic, the editor of the Club Penguin Times, will have an update soon), but let me say it’ll be worth your while. Let us know… What’s the first thing you’d do with extra coins every month? Do you like to spend or do you like to save?


Until then…Waddle on!


-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on April 20 2009 09:40

April 15, 2009

New Billybob post.

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Hey guys its sabres333. Billybob made a new post. This one goes out to all Australians or New Zelanders

Hello Penguins!

A lot of you have been asking when the Club Penguin DS game will find its way down under, and the team’s been working really hard to make it happen. If you’re in Australia or New Zealand, keep your eyes out for the Elite Penguin Force game – it should be available this week!

cpds.jpgIn Other News:  There’s new igloo furniture coming this week. Check out the plants and gardening gear in the Better Igloos catalog that’ll be in your igloos on Friday!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on April 15 2009 09:46

April 13, 2009

New Post On Medievel Party

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Here is the new post on the Medievel Party:

Hello Penguins!

Your comments from Wednesday’s blog have decided the background – We’ve looked carefully at our French, Portuguese, and English comments and the clear winner was Choice #3!

med3.jpgI wasn’t going to announce the name of the party yet, but a lot of you guessed… and you were right – it’s the Medieval Party! It’ll go from May 8 – 17. Thanks for all your feedback. We love to hear from you about what you want to see. And speaking of the Medieval Party… I got a glimpse of some of the things that the team is working on.

medievalsneekpeek.jpgSome of you might remember the party from last year and we’re working really hard to bring back your favorite parts. I also hear there will be something special for members…


Blog Updates

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Hey everyone! While I was gone, there were a lot of blog updates. This was posted April 1st:

The April Fool’s Party has begun! We hope you really love the foolish fun that’s all over the island. This zany annual party goes until Sunday, April 5, so be sure to check out all the areas – there’s silliness everywhere!


Members are in for a real surprise with the Box Store at the Snow Forts — Before they’re gone, check out all the boxes to take back to your igloos…!! As always, we want to hear about all the fun you’re having.

In Other News: Don’t forget that on Friday there will be a new Penguin Style catalog, and also 5 new snow sculptures to discover around the island!

This was posted on April 3rd:

There’s a new Penguin Style in the Gift Shop today, so check out the new garden-friendly fashions for your penguin! You’ll be able to wear your new outdoor things when you and your friends start hunting for eggs next Friday during the annual Easter egg scavenger hunt!!


In Other News: Some of you have asked about keeping the Box Dimension room (the special room you get to through the Portal Box) around after the April Fool’s Party. It’s a great idea and we wanted to let you know we’re going to leave it up for a while so you and your friends can enjoy it even after the party is over. Let us know what you think!

This was posted on April 4th:

The first annual Penguin Play Awards will be wrapping up next week! Thursday, April 9 is the last day for all the official red carpet fun at the Stage, and we really want your feedback about the things you’re enjoying the most!!


Let us know what your favorite experiences have been so far at the Penguin Play Awards!

This was posted on April 6th:

Today is the last day of the April Fool’s Party, and we hope you’ve found all the boxes and had a ton of silly fun. Members who have the portal box… The wacky Box Dimension room will stay up for a while so you can keep playing there!!


In other news: This is the last week of the Penguin Play Awards and the votes are tallied! You can see the results at the Poll Booth at the Plaza – Let us know what you think!! Also, we’ve got something special planned for you for Wednesday’s blog. Come back and check it out!

This was posted on April 7th:

Many of you have said that you think one of the coolest events in Club Penguin is Coins For Change — when players donate virtual coins in the game to decide where $1 million is donated in the real world. This year, the donations were totally amazing (more than 2.5 million penguins donated more than 3 billion virtual coins!) and we were awed by your spirit of giving. 


Your efforts paid off – and we wanted to give you an update. I talked to someone on the team who’s an expert in global citizenship:

What’s the best part of the Coins For Change campaign? Seeing how much penguins around the globe want to make the world a better place!

When have you been the proudest of the Club Penguin community?When they show how much they care for each other and the world around them by giving to something they believe in that will benefit others they don’t even know!

If you could tell the community one thing, what would it be?Every single penguin can make a difference in the world when they come together for a common cause – just look what’s been done this past Coins For Change!

Check out the new video at the Coins for Change page – it shows some of the great things that have happened because of your generosity during the Coins For Change program in Club Penguin. We’re all crazy proud of this community. Hats off (and candy) to all of you.

This was posted on April 8th:

As you know, we love to have your ideas and feedback to help us make Club Penguin better, and today we’re especially excited because we want your help deciding something that’ll go into an upcoming catalog. There’s a big party coming up in May, and we wanted you to pick a background. Check out these sketches:

ALL.jpg                                       Choice #1                                Choice #2                             Choice #3

The one that you choose will be made into the background for the special party catalog! I’ll be looking at the comments for your decision, so let us know which one you like better and why you like it!

We can’t wait to hear what you think! I’ll post the results on Monday!!

This was posted on April 9th:

Tomorrow is the 4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt! Eight eggs will be hidden around Club Penguin, just waiting for you to find with the help of some clever clues. But maybe you and your friends are feeling like you need some practice finding hidden things around Club Penguin. Maybe you just don’t feel like you know the places in Club Penguin as well as you could. Here’s your chance to practice… below are ten tiny pieces of areas in Club Penguin. 


Can you figure out where in the world all 10 can be found?

This was posted on April 10th:

The Club Penguin Easter Egg hunt is on, so get together with some friends and search the island!! Some of the eggs will be harder to find than others – but the challenges will be worth it because there’s a prize for you at the end…


Let us know what you think of this year’s Easter scavenger hunt!

In Other News: The winner of this year’s Penguin Play Award Show is Quest for the Golden Puffle and it’ll be back at the Stage starting today! If you haven’t seen it before, you’ll want to check out the play that won 4 out of 5 categories!!

Whew! That was a lot!


April 11, 2009

Im Back

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Hey everyone! Im back from Washington D.C.! Its a great place, I even saw Obamas helicopter! Great job posting Snowy!


April 10, 2009

Easter egg hunt, Pin and more!

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Hi Guys!

   How are you doign with the Easter egg hunt? Well if you need help i hope this can help you!

            To Find the first egg go to the Outside of the night club and click on the Light!


          Get the second egg at the cove!


            Go to the mine cart to get the 3rd egg!


                  For the fourth egg go to the dojo!


           To get the 5th egg go to the Gift shop!


        Go the the Ski lodge for the 6th egg!


            The 7th egg is at the Ski Hill!


              Then go to the beacon, and turn the light off with the switch, to get the 8th egg! :)


             Then click to get your prize which is the returning Bunny ears! They need a new color. Like red, or purple :)


           Once again for the 3rd-4th time the Golden puffle play came back. Clickthe golden pufle for the Hidden item!


         Lastly go to the Forest for the chocolate Bunny pin!


           Then there was a new poll on the Community blog!


           Then there is a new Fun activities!

               Click the image to print.

         Whoa! Big post. Lol

              Snowy1900 8O

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